Cashmere & Vanilla takes a classic, adored aroma and elevates it with sweet amber, woody cashmere, and fruity citrus. This fragrance sets the stage with fruity pear, sunny bergamot, and soft peach blossom, cascading into warm amber, floral jasmine, and rich cashmere. That's when irresistible vanilla arrives, complemented by earthy musk and sandalwood. 

Sweet and comforting, Cashmere & Vanilla is a versatile fragrance that lends itself well to almost any occasion. Allow it to wash over you, bringing with it serenity, joy, inspiration, and imagination. 

Crafted by expert perfumers using essential oils of lemon, orange, ylang-ylang, petitgrain, and bois de rose. 

Top notes: Pear, Bergamot, Peach Blossom

Middle notes: Warm Amber, Jasmine, Cashmere

Base notes: Musk, Sheer Vanilla, Sandalwood

Use Vanilla & Cashmere anywhere you want to create a warm, inviting atmosphere with an air of elegance. Available in a wooden wick candle, reed diffuser, room spray, scented ceramic medallion, or pure fragrance oil for home diffusion. We love it as a wood wick candle for the bedroom or living room, scented medallion for the car or closet, or reed diffuser in the bathroom.  


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Fondant Cire Cachemire & Vanille 80g
Savon à main en mousse en cachemire et vanilleSavon à main en mousse en cachemire et vanille
Recharge 250ml Savon à mainRecharge 250ml Savon à main
Prix de vente$15.00
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