Miel & Bourbon

Honey & Bourbon is a scent good enough to eat, filling the room with notes of sweet, syrupy honey and rich, aromatic bourbon. Ideal for a boudoir, bedroom, or closet, this aroma transports you to an era of classy cocktail lounges, high-end hotels, and prohibition-era jazz clubs. 

With just the right balance of spicy and sweet, this unisex scent hits with sparkling top notes reminiscent of orange marmalade, tamarind, and honey before giving way to bourbon, coumarin, and clove. Next, a subtle wave of fruity and spicy notes settles into a molten, melted brown sugar essence with a hint of tobacco.  

Boasting essential oils of fir needle from Canada and Russia, Taiwanese and American lemon, Texan and Chinese cedarwood, and Canadian cedar leaf. Bask in this delectable blend of woodsy, citrusy, and sweet that is as well-rounded and refined as indulgent.  

Top notes: Orange Marmalade, Tamarind, Honey 

Middle notes: Bourbon, Coumarin, Clove 

Base notes: Brown Sugar, Tobacco

Available in a wooden wick candle, reed diffuser, room spray, scented ceramic medallion, or pure fragrance oil for home diffusion. Honey & Bourbon is particularly well-suited as a reed diffuser or wood wick candle to give your room of choice an air of subtle sophistication. 


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