Fall Collection

Fall Collection


Fig & Birch Bark allows you to step outside without ever having to go anywhere at all, thanks to earthy and exotic woody notes. Close your eyes and take a stroll through the great outdoors, where botanicals and trees surround you and the comforting aroma of the natural world fills your soul. 

This soothing fragrance opens with bergamot, dry helichrysum, and fig before settling into calming chamomile, patchouli, and cypress. Things end on a high note with birch bark, amber, and musk, deepening the sensory experience and instilling a sense of grounded peace.

Meticulously made by professional perfumers, Fig & Birch Bark contains essential oils of cedarwood from the United States, guaiac wood from Paraguay, bergamot from Italy, and French patchouli. 

Top notes: Bergamot, Dry Helichrysum, Fig

Middle notes: Chamomile, Patchouli, Cypress

Base notes: Birch Bark, Amber, Musk

Available in a wooden wick candle, reed diffuser, room spray, scented ceramic medallion, or pure fragrance oil for home diffusion. We particularly love to diffuse this pacifying scent by using an electric diffuser and allowing it to emanate from room to room. 

It's also perfect as a wood wick candle for inspiring comfort and relaxation, whether you're curling up with a cup of tea and a book or enjoying a meditative hobby. 


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