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Softly perfume a room for months with a luxuriously scented LUVO Reed Diffuser.

Boasting a natural glycerin base free from alcohol and fillers, our fragrant formulas are thoughtfully handcrafted by expert perfumers. The result is a complex, concentrated blend of essential oils cultivated from premium botanicals and top-shelf ingredients.

Every sturdy glass bottle holds 100 ml of pure fragrance oil and comes with four thick, black polyester reeds that offer a refined look while diffusing scent evenly and consistently for weeks on end. Once you notice it start to fade, simply turn the reeds every 2-3 weeks to give off a fresh wave of indulgent fragrance.

Without the need for heat or electricity like wax warmers and similar options, our Reed Diffusers naturally emit a strong scent in the background without any effort on your part. This makes them perfect for setting on a countertop, mantle, vanity, or shelf. Just put one in place and let it do the work for you. 

Thanks to their graceful design and wide bottom, LUVO Reed Diffusers make an attractive addition to almost any decor and rest securely wherever you set them down.

With warm and rich scents like Cashmere & Vanilla, serene Fig & Birch Bark, and distinctive Orchid & Black Amber, you and your guests can enjoy sensory bliss for weeks on end. 


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Refill Reed Diffuser 250mlRefill Reed Diffuser 250ml
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Pear & Magnolia Reed Diffuser
Lavender & Bergamot Reed Diffuser
Sweet Brier Rose & Cardamom Reed Diffuser
Cedarwood & Labdanum Reed Diffuser
Cashmere & Vanilla Reed Diffuser
Mandarin & Resins Reed Diffuser
Juniper & Balsam Spruce Reed Diffuser handmade in Montreal