Scented Medallion

Looking to infuse a small space with a sophisticated scent for weeks on end? LUVO's Scented Medallions do just that.

Instead of clunky gel plug-ins and unattractive lockets containing pads soaked with essential oils, our Scented Medallions are minimalistic, elegant, and easy to place just about anywhere.

Handmade with care in Montreal, Canada, each small, porcelain oval sports a beautiful overlapping clamshell pattern and comes loaded with pure fragrance. Use the forest-green silk ribbon that comes attached to hang one in your car, closet, bathroom, or anywhere an irresistible aroma is needed. 

Enjoy a constant diffusion of your favorite fragrance for as long as two months. Once the scent has dissipated, you can easily reload your medallion with any of our 10 ml fragrance oil bottles. 

LUVO's unique scents are developed by a team of expert perfumers and boast concentrated, complex blends of essential oils from premium botanicals and high-quality ingredients. 

Choose from aromas like our Wild Vetiver & Suede, Mandarin & Resin, or Honey & Bourbon. Every scent features distinctive top, heart, and base notes that diffuse evenly and consistently in small spaces without overpowering.  

Impress your guests and cultivate a charming ambiance in your home with one of our Scented Medallions today. 


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Mandarin & Resin Scented Porcelain MedallionMandarin & Resin Scented Porcelain Medallion
Cashmere & Vanilla Scented Porcelain MedallionCashmere & Vanilla Scented Porcelain Medallion
Juniper Fir & Balsam Spruce Scented Porcelain MedallionJuniper Fir & Balsam Spruce Scented Porcelain Medallion
Cashmere & Vanilla 10ml Fragrance Oil
Lavender & Bergamot 10ml Fragrance Oil
Baumier Fir & Balsam Spruce 10ml Fragrance Oil
Mandarin & Resin 10ml Fragrance Oil
Sweet Brier Rose & Cardamom 10ml Fragrance Oil
Pear & Magnolia 10ml Fragrance Oil
Cedarwood & Labdanum 10ml Fragrance Oil