Fragrance oil for Diffuser

Perfect for those who like to play with pure, concentrated aromas, LUVO's Fragrance Oils are as versatile as they come.

Handmade and developed by expert perfumers, every scent boasts a complex symphony of highly-concentrated essential oils derived from premium botanicals and top-quality ingredients. Together, they strike a perfect balance for a potent aroma that won't overwhelm.

Use the included glass dropper to add a few drops to your electric diffuser, wax burner, or refill one of our Scented Medallions. Our fragrances come housed in 10 ml glass bottles that are elegantly designed to look beautiful on a vanity, shelf, or countertop. 

With a bevy of unique scents to satisfy a range of moods, including Honey & Bourbon, Cashmere & Vanilla, and Dark Rose & Labdanum. Each boasts a distinctive mix of top, heart, and base notes perfect for perfuming a bathroom, bedroom, car, closet, or anywhere else you desire. 

And for the scent-adventurous, there is no limit to what you can do with our concentrated Fragrance Oils. Add a few drops to wool dryer balls, soaps and candles, or even dilute some in water for a DIY spray to freshen up your linens, furniture, or the room at large. 


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LUVO Nebulizer Oil DiffuserLUVO Nebulizer Oil Diffuser
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Fragrance oil Collection
Sale price$89.95
Baumier Fir & Balsam Spruce 10ml Fragrance Oil
Cashmere & Vanilla 10ml Fragrance Oil
Lavender & Bergamot 10ml Fragrance Oil
Mandarin & Resin 10ml Fragrance Oil
Sweet Brier Rose & Cardamom 10ml Fragrance Oil
Pear & Magnolia 10ml Fragrance Oil
Cedarwood & Labdanum 10ml Fragrance Oil