The Classic Collection Candles from LUVO

The Luvo Classic Collection is composed of six wooden wick candles that represent LUVO's DNA: Honey & Bourbon, Wild Vetiver and Suede, Mandarin & Resin, Cashmere & Vanilla, Dark Rose & Labdanum and Orchid & Black Amber.

Each candle represents a different type of Aroma: Honey & Bourbon is a Gourmand Candle, Wild Vetiver & Suede is a Woody Candle, Mandarin & Resin is a Fresh Candle, Orchid & Amber is a Warm Candle, Cashmere & Vanilla is a Sexy Scandle and Dark Rose & Labdanum is a Floral Candle.

Now, it's time for you to pick the one that is Right for You!


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